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2022 Explore Ohio Outdoors Calendar

Updated: May 25

2022 Ohio Caterpillar Calendar

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"It is common knowledge now that we depend on insects for our continued existence; that, without key pollinators, the human population would collapse in less than a decade." ~ John Burnside

2022 Explore Ohio Outdoors Calendar


At Explore Ohio Outdoors, we love Ohio. And one of the best parts about it is all the wildlife. So, we got the idea to start an annual Ohio Wildlife calendar. So, without further ado, here is our first-ever calendar. This year, we want to celebrate some of our amazing caterpillars. We hope all of you enjoy this calendar as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Just an FYI… Or page is directly funded by us and the sales we make through our affiliate links. We have no other funding source. We thank all of you for visiting our page and helping us continue our journey documenting the beautiful State of Ohio.

Here’s to hoping that we are able to get out a lot more next year. There are so many Ohio State Parks, Ohio Nature preserves, campgrounds, and other amazing places we still need and want to explore.

Monarch Caterpillar Hard Enamel Pin

2022 Explore Ohio Outdoors Caterpillar Calendar

Every one of the pictures included in this Ohio caterpillar calendar was taken in Ohio by us. The wildlife calendar features the following caterpillars.

Click on the Zazzle link to be taken directly to the Explore Ohio Outdoors Calendar.

Explore Ohio Outdoors Caterpillar Calendar

  • Smeared Dagger Moth Caterpillar (Cover)

Acronicta oblinita

  • Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar

Papilio Troilus

Ohio Caterpillars Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar Papilio Troilus

  • Brown-hooded Owlet Caterpillar

Cucullia convexipennis

Ohio Caterpillars Brown Hooded Owlet Cucullia convexipennis

  • Morning-glory Prominent

Schizura ipomoeae

Ohio Caterpillars Morning Glory Prominent Schizura ipomoeae

  • Hitches Arches Caterpillar

Melanchra adjuncta

Ohio Caterpillars Hitched Arches Melanchra adjuncta

  • Paddle Caterpillar

Acronicta funeralis

Ohio Caterpillars Paddle Caterpillar Acronicta funeralis

  • Monarch Caterpillar

Danaus plexippus

Ohio Caterpillars Monarch Caterpillar Danaus plexippus

  • Milkweed Tussock Moth

Euchaetes egle

Ohio Caterpillars Milkweed Tussock Moth Caterpillar Euchaetes egle

  • Banded Tussock Moth

Halysidota tessellaris

Ohio Caterpillars Banded Tussock Moth Caterpillar Halysidota tessellaris

  • Wavy-lined Heterocampa

Heterocampa biundata

Ohio Caterpillars Wavy Lined Heterocampa Caterpillar Heterocampa biundata

  • Laurel Sphinx

Sphinx kalmiae

Ohio Caterpillars Laurel Sphinx Sphinx kalmiae

  • IO Moth Caterpillar

Automeris io

Ohio Caterpillars IO Moth Caterpillar Automeris io

  • Tobacco Hornworm Caterpillar

Manduca sexta

Ohio Caterpillars Tobacco Hornworm Manduca Sexta

Other Caterpillar Posts You May Have Missed

If you are coming to our page for the first time, or you are a casual visitor, you may have missed these previous posts about Ohio caterpillars.

Woolly Bear Weather Prediction 2021/2022

Can Woolly Bears Predict the Weather Ohio Caterpillars

Can Woolly Bears predict the weather? According to folklore, the woolly bear caterpillar can predict the severity of the coming winter. The more black bands the critter has the harsher the winter conditions will be. So, if you love cold snowy winters, you want more black bands.

The average woolly bear caterpillar has 13 segments. Each one of these segments symbolizes one week of winter. The thickness of the caterpillar’s hair is also an indication of the upcoming winter conditions.

Caterpillar Hunting at Night

Ohio Caterpillars Glow Under UV Light

Did you know that a lot of Ohio caterpillars are nocturnal? They are active at night and sleep most of the day. When they are resting, they often hide at the base of plants, in crevices, or wrap themselves in leaves. Therefore, we see few varieties of caterpillars during the day.

If you are looking for a fun activity to do outdoors with your children, or want to go by yourself, you can go caterpillar hunting at night. And the best part is, you can do it in your own yard.

Many types of caterpillars glow at night. From slug moth caterpillars, Luna moth caterpillars, Polyphemus moth caterpillars to Sphinx moth caterpillars, among others. So, if it is a striking caterpillar, you can almost bet it is hiding during the day.

Monarch Caterpillar Coloring Page

Free Monarch Coloring Page

The monarch butterfly is highly recognizable and loved by many nature enthusiasts. However, it is in trouble and needs our help. Over the past 20 years, the number of monarchs has greatly decreased. You can help by planting milkweed along with a pollinator garden.

Monarchs require milkweed to survive. The female butterflies only lay their eggs on milkweed plants. The larvae, also known as the caterpillar, exclusively feed on the milkweed. Without it, they will die. Milkweed leaves also provide caterpillars with shelter.

To learn more and find the free coloring page, READ MORE HERE

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Winter is almost upon us, so we will not be seeing many caterpillars now. But it is a great time to watch the birds. Several migrants spend their winters in Ohio.

So, until the weather warms back up, we won’t have the pleasure of seeing some of our many Ohio caterpillars. Instead, you can enjoy seeing their beauty with a caterpillar calendar.

Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar Pillow

Find Our 2022 Ohio Caterpillar Calendar in our Zazzle Store HERE

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