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Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

Updated: May 8

Arney Run Park - Drive-by Bonus

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"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." ~ George Santayana

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

"The Mink Hollow Covered Bridge" is a shortened version of its true name. The bridge actually has the longest name of any covered bridge in the USA. Its name is: The Mink Hollow Covered Bridge in Oil Mill Hollow Over Arney Run Near Borcher's Mill.

The bridge in located at Arney Run Park. It still sits in its original location on its original sandstone abutments. It spans Arney Run, a tributary of Clear Creek. Mink Hollow Covered Bridge was built sometime around 1887 by Jacob Brandt. It spans 51 feet.

The name is long and hard to remember. But this is where the name was derived.

  • It sits in Oil Mill Hollow. The hollow was named after an old flaxseed oil mill that sat in the vicinity.

  • Arney Run is the tributary/creek that the bridge crosses.

  • Borcher’s Mill was a grist meal that sat nearby.

Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve

Charles R. Goslin Nature Sanctuary

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Division of Natural Areas and Preserves

The Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve parking lot sits next to the Arney Run Park lot. The Nature Preserve consists of 553 acres and has 2 trails that merge off of the main trail at approx. the 1-mile mark.

  • Jacob’s Ladder Loop Trail

Approx. 1 mile in length once you enter it off of the main trail.

Moderate to Difficult

  • Christmas Rocks Loop Trail

Approx. 2 miles in length once you enter it off of the main trail.


Fairfield County Ohio Covered Bridge Trail

Ohio is known for its covered bridges. At one point in time, Fairfield County had 279 timber truss bridges. This was more than any other county. Sadly, most of these no longer exist.

It is estimated that there are still 125 wooded covered bridges left in the state. Many of them have been relocated to private properties. Others are cared for by local parks departments. Out of the 125, 17 of these are in Fairfield County.

The 17 bridges are:

A map to these bridges can be found HERE.

If you are interested in visiting all the covered bridges in Fairfield County keep an eye on the Visit Fairfield County website. Covered Bridge tours are very popular. There is usually a guided bus tour every year. We have also heard people talk about motorcycle tours and cyclist tours.

The Fairfield County Park District

The Fairfield County Park District currently has eight original bridges. Of those, 5 are open to the public.

The bridges operated by the Fairfield County Park District are:

Why Were Bridges Covered?

Covered bridges were designed with roofs for practical and structural purposes. Having a roof kept the elements off the deck and trusses. Snow, rain, sun and wind can cause damage to the wood. Having a protective covering allowed these bridges to last longer.

Another reason why bridges were covered was for strength. Adding a covering to the trusses makes the bridge stronger. This allowed for the designers and builders to erect longer bridges.

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What You Can Expect at Arney Run Park / Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

Please note that trail rules and regulations can change at any time. The following information was in effect for Arney Run Park as of June 2020.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

No bathrooms.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

There are no trails for bicycles.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

Arney Run Park along with Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve are good birding spots.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

The historical covered bridge.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

Concealed carry is permitted.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

Pets are permitted if they have a valid registration tag and are under physical control of the owner. Leash cannot be more than six feet long.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

No trails.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

Blacktop parking lot with 6 parking spaces.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

There is one picnic table.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

There is no playground.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

There is one bench.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

Sun and shade.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

No shelter house.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

There was no trashcan available.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

The parking lot is located along Arney Run.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

One ADA parking spot.

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

We have never seen the water deep enough to fish.

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