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Mambourg Park

Updated: Mar 25

Hiking Trails Lancaster Ohio

Mambourg Park

5531 Cincinnati-Zanesville Road, NE

Lancaster, OH 43130

"If the path is beautiful, let us not ask where it leads."

~ Anatole France


Mambourg Park is part of the Fairfield County Park District. The Park consists of 116+ acres in Pleasant Township. The county acquired the site in 2003 thanks to the generous donation from the Board of County Commissioners of Fairfield County.

As of 10/01/21 the Fairfield County Park District website still says this location is under development. However, the trails are open to the public. The Mambourg Nature Center is not open.


Mambourg Park Trail Sign Lancaster Ohio

Mambourg Park Trail Map

There are 2 easy-to-moderate trails located in Mambourg Park. One is a dog friendly hiking trail, the other is not:

  • Hickory Trail (1.5 Miles) Pets are Permitted

  • Oak Trail (1 Mile) Pets are NOT permitted

The trails at Mambourg Park are nice and wide. You do not have to worry about walking through undergrowth or moving limbs out of the way. The Hickory Trail had to be at least 8 feet wide in places. The Oak Trail was not as wide, but still wide enough to make your walk comfortable and enjoyable.

The entrance to the Hickory Trail starts in the Southwest corner of the parking lot, located next to State Route 22. The beginning of the trail is gravel and quickly turns into a natural surface. It is an easy trail that has some very slight inclines and declines.

The entrance to the Oak Trail is located to the Southeast corner of the parking lot near the access road to the Mambourg Park Nature Center Parking Lot. The trail is all-natural with some slight inclines and declines.

Trail at Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

Trail at Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

Meadow at Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

There is a connector trail that connects the Hickory Trail to the Oak Trail. This is the hardest part of the whole park. The trail leads down from one trail to a small footbridge. Once you cross the bridge, you must work your way back up to the other trail.

Connector Trail and Bridge at Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

Mambourg Park has a little bit of everything. There are areas with large trees, a ravine, meadows full of wildflowers and milkweed, a pond, a creek, footbridges, and a nature center.


Mambourg Nature Center at Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

As of 10/01/21, the Mambourg Nature Center is still not open. There is an access road and parking lot near the shelter. However, the road is still closed.

The nature center Lancaster is going to be used for nature education and observation. The building was originally built in 1931 by Robert Mambourg. It was used as a family retreat. They had countless parties and used the large pond for ice skating.

In the near future, the Fairfield County Park District will be constructing a picnic shelter styled after the Rock Mill Covered Bridge. It will be located between the main parking lot and the Mambourg Nature Center. It will be available for family reunions and gatherings.

Pond at Mambourg Nature Center at Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio


Since Mambourg Park is not “officially” open, we were unable to enjoy the park to its fullest potential. But it looks like it is going to be a very nice park.

The trails were some of the nicest trails we have seen. They were extremely wide and well-kept. There were no downed trees blocking the footpath or overgrowth making it hard to walk. A couple of areas along the path were a little wet. There were small wooden walkways built over the areas to make them easier to cross. Some of the boards were loose, so be careful walking across those.

And there was no trash to be seen!

If you are looking for a strenuous hike near Lancaster, Mambourg Park is not the place to visit. Instead, check out some of the Hocking Hills hiking trails. If you are looking for local trails near me that are easy to hike, this would be a nice place to visit.

Once the picnic shelter is constructed and the Mambourg Nature Center is opened, this will be a great place for families to visit. And since there are 2 short hiking trails, you can get the kids out in nature without worrying about the trails being too long.


Please note that trail rules and regulations can change at any time. The following information was in effect for Mambourg Park in Lancaster as of September 2021.

Northern Pearly Eye Butterfly Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

There are bathrooms available near the parking lot that is located at the Mambourg Nature Center.

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

Bicycles are not permitted on the trails.

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

There was very little activity when we visited the park. However, the pond may be a nice area to check out during migration.

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

Several small wooden foot bridges located along the trail.

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

Concealed carry is permitted.

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

Dogs are allowed on the Hickory Trail. They must be kept on a leash. Pets are not allowed on the Oak Trail.

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

Trail surfaces are natural. The trails are easy-to-moderate.

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

There are two blacktop parking lots. As of 10/01/21 only one lot was open. The parking lot located directly off of State Route 22 has 10 parking spaces.

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

There are no picnic tables available as of 10/01/21

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

There are no playgrounds.

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

There were no benches along either trail. There is one bench in the main parking lot located on State Route 22.

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

A lot of shade.

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

There is a plan to construct a shelter house in the near future..

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

Trails are not marked well. However, since the trails are super wide, they do not deen to be.

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

There are trashcans available in both parking lots.

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

Creek and a pond.

Mambourg Park Lancaster Ohio

2 ADA compliant parking spaces available in parking lot located directly off of State Route 22. The other parking lot was not marked as of September 2021.

Locate Mambourg Park HERE

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